Seals and Films

We have a wide range of seals and films with a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colours.



We have a wide range of cardboard products to protect your products.


Straps and Staples

We offer a wide range of strapping and staples. Polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping available in various sizes.


Expanded polystyrene

We offer our customers plates, strips, frames and combs manufactured in any size.


Foam edge protectors

We offer the widest range of polyethylene edge protectors for protection.


Bubble plastic

Bubble wrap is the most popular packaging available. It protects the products in a very effective way at a low cost.


Load protection

Dunnage Airbags are inflatable bags that secure and stabilize the transported cargo.


Special packaging

For the transport of large objects, the wooden boxes are very suitable and comfortable.